Planned Maintenance for Local Councils

Our comprehensive range of maintenance services enable properties under local authority control including offices, schools and publicly occupied buildings to be maintained and updated with minimal impact on functionality and avoiding disruption to building users.

Our planned maintenance service offering includes office upgrades, works within primary schools, town halls, libraries, leisure centres, and upgrades to public conveniences.

In keeping with council procurement directives, we offer genuine value for money planned maintenance solutions, delivering maximum quality and cost efficiency within budgetary constraints.

Works are undertaken by our highly trained and skilled workforce, with consideration to the health, safety and well-being of council staff, building users, and the general public.

We engage locally based directly employed operatives and supply chain partners to deliver planned maintenance works including SMEs, ensuring maximum spend within the authority area to the benefit of local economies and enterprises.

Planned Maintenance for Local Councils
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Latest Projects

Luton Borough Council
Luton Borough Council
Fire door replacements
Value: £290,000
Location: Luton