New Build for Schools & Academies

Our comprehensive build service will provide you with teaching facilities and amenities that are functional, highly efficient, appealing, and conducive to study.

We offer a full range of building solutions to support your asset development plans, including new build construction, and extensions/alterations of existing properties.

You can have confidence that we will deliver your construction projects within budget and to the agreed timescales – with directly employed, qualified management teams monitoring progress and controlling costs throughout delivery.

We have the skills and expertise required to deliver major construction projects whilst maintaining the safety and security of pupils, students, staff and visitors, with minimal disruption to the core teaching programme and schedule of activities.

We will work with your Building Managers to plan works around your programme of events, mitigating the risk of disruption through noisy activities, visual disturbance, and parking of contractors’ vehicles.

New Build for Schools & Academies
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