VALUE: £495,000
LOCATION: Liverpool
DURATION: 5 months
Full live ward refurbishment over 6 phases

We have been instrumental in the creation of a groundbreaking new facility as part of our ongoing three-year contract with Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

The in-patient Acute Frailty Unit - the first such facility in the region - has been designed specifically with elderly patients in mind. The centre includes mock stairs and a home-from-home living area and kitchen, allowing staff to assess each patient’s independence prior to returning home.

The complex live ward refurbishment, which took five months to complete, was carried out over six phases. The team from our Warrington office worked sensitively around patients and staff throughout, completing one area at a time and working hard to keep disruption to a minimum.

As well as installing the various assessment facilities including the kitchen, we also reconfigured the layout of each side room, reducing the number of beds to four from six and installing en-suite bathrooms. The new layout provides more space around each unit for additional equipment such as hoists, as well as enabling patients to move around more easily.

The final stage of the project was the creation of an external courtyard for patients as having access to outdoor space can be a vital part of the recovery process while it also provides a retreat for staff. As part of our commitment to being a responsible business, we donated the fruit trees and the summer house installed in the courtyard.

For the last two years, we’ve worked closely with Aintree University Hospital, which is one of the largest single-site NHS Trusts in the country, covering 44 acres and with 70 separate buildings to maintain. The team have worked on numerous planned works in that time including a live refurbishment of the ophthalmology department over four phases, enabling works prior to the installation of a robot system in the pharmacy and the creation of a mock theatre and training room.

Please follow the link here for more information on how the new frailty unit will improve services for the elderly at Aintree Hospital.

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