Corporate responsibility is a core Novus value

We believe that to be truly socially responsible within an ever-changing corporate world, strong community values need to be woven into the very core of a business. This is certainly the case for Novus Property Solutions.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) affects everyone. From the thousands of people our projects support each year - to the dedicated teams that represent us in 30 locations throughout the UK - our commitment to adopting ethical practices is a crucial aspect of our company's overall ethos.

Responsible Business

Corporate responsibility is a core Novus value. We integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into our strategic decision-making and are proactive in minimising the negative impacts of our operations. As active members of Business in the Community (BITC), we are committed to raising the standards of CSR across our industry.

Supporting Local Economies

We adopt a ‘think local’ approach to service delivery. All of our operational offices use local labour and recruitment and local supply chains including sub-contractors and suppliers to resource our contracts. This positively benefits local economies, creating more jobs and driving money into local businesses. We also look to engage and develop SME’s wherever possible to promote the growth and development of local enterprise.

Community Investment & Charitable Activity

We utilise the skills and resources within our business to support community projects and fundraise for charitable causes. Every Novus employee is afforded a day each year to volunteer their skills on community project or a charitable cause.

Changing Lives

Changing Lives



Environmental Responsibility

We aim to eliminate or significantly reduce any negative impact upon the environment by setting environmental targets and objectives.

We address our carbon footprint by closely monitoring energy usage within our offices and fuel usage across our vehicle fleet, with innovative vehicle tracking technology.

Diversion of waste from landfill is maximised through detailed waste management reporting, segregation of waste at source and established recycling agreements with key suppliers.

Procurement of materials with a recycled content is prioritised in accordance with WRAP recommendations.


Premier Inn training facilities for Derwen College

We have recently helped to create an outstanding new Premier Inn Training Centre for a Shropshire college.

For 90 years, Derwen College in Oswestry has worked with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities aged from 16 to 25, giving them vital independence skills and preparing them for the workplace. The college's partnership with Whitbread has provided its students with opportunities for practical work experience at a range of local Premier Inn hotels since 2013.

Latest Blog Posts

A day in the life of Michelle, our Helpdesk supervisor


  05 JUNE, 2018
It’s a bright mid-May morning at Novus Scotland’s Bathgate office and Michelle has just come back on shift.   Michelle and her team of eight coordinate the responsive repairs of about 15,000 properties across Scotland, scheduling some fifty maintenance operatives to fix a whole range of resident-reported problems ranging from blocked toilets to broken garden fences. Michelle first checks the e-mail from the afterhours Helpdesk to see how her last job of the previous evening has progressed. Michelle is proud that Novus provide a 24-hour continuous service to help the residents with their most pressing maintenance issues, but sees that this plumbing job has not yet been fixed due to some sensitive safety considerations preventing Neil - the maintenance operative - from visiting the property alone.   After fully understating these concerns, Michelle contacted her Housing Association customer and arranged for Neil to be accompanied on his visit. Using the Impact Response workforce management system on-line job scheduling system, Michelle arranges for Neil to meet his Housing Association “chaperone” at 10:00am so the job could be completed. All the information he needs is automatically routed to Neil’s handheld Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) allowing him to see all necessary job details then record his arrival time at site, hours on task and capture the resident’s satisfaction with the finished job. Satisfied that the job had now been scheduled, Michelle returned to the other outstanding jobs across Scotland.  By querying the Impact Response system, she determined that twenty eight new jobs had been entered into the system - either by residents calling in, or directly by the Housing Association customers.  Michelle sorted these jobs by region and distributed them to her team for scheduling.   Michelle then got down to allocating the open jobs in her region to maintenance operatives.  She drew on her knowledge of the local area including traffic conditions during the day and of which types of repair an operative is qualified to handle.  This also involves optimising the route between jobs to ensure that each operative is busy but can make each appointment in the scheduled time window.  Michelle allocates operatives by postcode and has several printed maps of her coverage area to make this possible.   As Michelle grabs an early coffee she reflects on her morning so far.  She is delighted to have got the sensitive plumbing job underway and pleased that all the reactive repair works are being scheduled by her team.  Michelle knows how critical her team is to maintaining the resident’s quality of life, whilst ensuring that the Novus team are used to best effect to fulfil the contractual commitments.
Working at Novus - Neil Hand


  30 MAY, 2018
Like many of our long-standing employees, our CEO Neil Hand chose to invest his career in Novus. Below Neil discusses the reasons behind his long service and his favourite aspects of Novus. What is the greatest thing about working in Novus? The ambition, commitment and drive of people to make a difference and ‘Get it Right’. What has been your greatest achievement? Seeing my apprenticeship out. I was not the best apprentice, I didn’t like getting dirty! What has been your most challenging moment? I cannot say that one moment sticks out, I have had many challenging situations through my career to date.  I always try to deal with challenges head on and see them as an opportunity to learn, develop and change for the good. What is your most memorable story? I was about 17 or 18 and an apprentice travelling in the back of a transit van to Telford every day, the journey took about an hour.  In those days vans had 2 fixed front seats and bench seats made from wooden planks either side in the back. This particular day the foreman (Jack) had picked up a piece of plate glass, laid it on the floor of the van, and covered it with a dust sheet.  It was about 6 ft x 4ft so took up the whole floor. As we got into the back of the van Jack told us that the glass was on the floor and to be careful not to stand on it.  As usual, I lay down on the bench seat and slept on the journey to work and as usual when we arrived on-site Jack would bang on the inside of the van to wake us up. I had been out late the night before and took a little while to wake up, as I sat up everyone else was out of the van and as I stood up there was a loud crack and the glass shattered, it was then that I remembered that the glass was on the floor.  I had to go and tell Jack that I had broken the glass, he gave me the most almighty telling off which sticks with me to this day. What are you looking forward to in the future? Leading Novus through this phase of development and transformation.  Also trying to play a little more golf and visit a few more places.