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Novus team builds school farm /

Novus team builds school farm
A team of our apprentices and volunteers have completed a hands-on Community Challenge, helping Thistley Hough Academy begin work on constructing its school farm.
The group of 20 workers dug their way to a victorious day at the school, helping to build a path across the farm, construct new fencing and install a pen which will eventually be home to a family of farm animals.
Throughout the day, our apprentices worked alongside senior staff, which gave them a taste of the working world and the opportunity to learn skills from those with more experience.
Over time, the farm at the Penkhull school is expected to expand organically, with animals including chickens, goats and a donkey being introduced over the next year. The academy’s pupils, along with pupils from nearby primary schools, will be able to use the farm for practical learning opportunities once complete.
We have formed a partnership with Thistley Hough as part of charity Business in the Community’s Business Class initiative, which sees schools and businesses working alongside each other to share best practice, and the Community Challenge formed part of this.
Our chairman Stuart Seddon said: “At Novus, we are proud to be involved with the communities within which we work. Taking part in projects like this demonstrates why we recently won the Responsible Small Business award at the Responsible Business award and we will continue our responsible work in every way we can.
“Our volunteers and apprentices worked hard to create something which will be of lasting benefit to everyone at the school and I am incredibly proud of them. This farm will encourage children to learn outside of the classroom and allow them to be introduced to types of learning they may not have previously encountered.”

To see more pictures from the Community Challenge, visit our Flickr page.
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