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Novus is top dog at Royal Vet College /

Novus is top dog at Royal Vet College
We have remodelled and refurbished kennels at the Royal Veterinary College’s Hertfordshire Campus, creating a modern indoor facility for animal patients by constructing six state-of-the art canine rooms.
Previously, the ward comprised only of outdoor kennels and a roof, but we comprehensively redesigned and constructed the building, where dogs recovering from and awaiting treatment will now be cared for by the college.
Over a four week period, our team constructed new outside walls, fitted windows and roof windows and divided the building into six canine rooms. We also installed lighting, fitted stainless steel cage doors, installed new sockets and ensured correct ventilation.
Heating was also installed by us, along with new flooring and individual monitoring machines, while complete interior decoration was also carried out.
The animals were considered throughout the planning process, with the building being designed to be maintenance-free, hygienic and easy to clean.
The end result is the provision of a comfortable environment in which dogs can live during their time at the college and in which college staff can work.
The work means the college can now carry out more canine treatments, provide improved care for the animals and offer increased flexibility on where they can stay.
Tony Ronayne, operations manager, said: “This project has showcased the comprehensive range of high-quality property refurbishment and building maintenance services that we offer.
“We planned our work after consultations with the client, and kept in constant contact with them throughout the project to deliver the desired end result.”
Robert Vaughan, project surveyor the Royal Vet College, said: “Bearing in mind that the refurbishment project was undertaken in a wing of the RVC’s busy college hospital, Novus completed the works in a professional, polite and efficient manner, which helped keep disruption to an absolute minimum.”
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