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Novus is dish of the day for Steelite International /

Novus is dish of the day for Steelite International
Our work on a new dish cell extension for Stoke-on-Trent-based firm Steelite International is now complete, with the tableware manufacturer’s production capacity seeing a vast increase.

Working with Steelite’s French and Portuguese suppliers, along with suppliers from Leek and Stoke, our team constructed a 22,000 sq ft extension in just six months and the expansion has helped to create more than 60 new jobs and encourage growth in the local area.

We began work on the dish cell extension in January with the demolition of eight terraced houses and a vicarage, then successfully completed challenging ground stabilisations and began work on the building’s steel structure.

Our team also completed work on a new transformer to ensure that the new factory would have a sufficient supply of electricity, before building a slip house to facilitate Steelite’s clay deliveries, which is an integral part of the firm’s production process.

We also installed a compressor house and gas governor and assisted with the delivery of Steelite’s specialist equipment from France and Portugal, including kilns, ensuring that they arrived at the factory on time. The project was fully completed in August and full production is now underway inside the renowned manufacturer’s new factory extension.

A topping out ceremony was held inside the new building, which was attended by our chairman Stuart Seddon and Steelite chief executive Kevin Oakes. The ceremony marked the final episode of production before the full completion of the extension.

Stuart said: “We are delighted to have been involved with this project. My grandfather always used to say you are never safe in this business until you are out of the ground and a row of gas pipes we uncovered caused us a few problems, but with some innovative thinking it didn't stop progress. We are extremely proud to support what Steelite International is trying to achieve in Burslem.”

Kevin Oakes praised all involved in the project for their teamwork, planning and execution and is delighted with the extension, which was delivered on time and to a high specification. He said: “It's a very exciting new chapter and reaffirms the company's commitment to manufacturing in the UK and in Stoke-on-Trent."
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