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Novus helps architect realise his carbon neutral dream /

Novus helps architect realise his carbon neutral dream
We've recently completed construction of an ambitious environmentally friendly project based around the principles of Passivhaus in Stafford. 

Passivhaus design principles including high levels of air tightness, excellent U values and careful avoidance of thermal bridging, were applied throughout the project to achieve the energy efficiency required by the client, local architect Ian Foden.
The team of 15-20 operatives from our Stoke office drew on all aspects of their experience to help create the stunning energy efficient home over the course of the nine-month project.
As part of the build, we installed thermally efficient insulation, triple glazed windows and a nine metre lift and slide triple glazed door. Solar panels, underfloor heating, a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery and an air source heat pump were also specified as part of the energy efficient design. As a result, the building has achieved a 100% improvement over the target emission rate of the building regulations, meaning the house is exceptionally close to being carbon neutral.
The residential property, designed by Ian Foden for his own family, incorporates two traditionally built block and brick buildings; one of which is a two storey building housing all four bedrooms and three bathrooms, while the other single storey block provides an open plan living area including kitchen. We worked closely with Ian throughout the project to ensure that his precise requirements were followed and that the house would be the perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics.
A timber built link joins both buildings together seamlessly, with our team working hard to ensure that the same level of insulation and air tightness was achieved throughout all areas of the building. By splitting the building into three key areas, a small courtyard area was created and the Japanese garden it houses has become a focal point from different viewpoints within the house.
Ian said of the project: “Finding the right balance between performance and aesthetics was critical to the success of this project and was something which Novus was well aware of throughout. In all regards Novus met my high expectations. The team paid great attention to the details, and maintained a high standard of work throughout. Not only did they meet all of the design parameters, but they did it in a very ‘user friendly’ way.
“It has been a pleasure to work with such talented people, and I will always be grateful for the way they helped me realise the dream.”

To watch a short video about the project - click here

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