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Novus assists in battle against fire risk /

Novus assists in battle against fire risk
We are delighted to have been chosen to complete fire integrity works in three private care homes in Chester, Liverpool and Warrington in a £180,000 contract.
Our operatives will fit new smoke seals onto doors in the buildings, install fire barriers in roof spaces, repair and plane doors to ensure correct closure and fire proof a number of extractor fans.

All pipes and apertures leading into roof space will be fire-proofed by our team, while non-compliant or unsafe lighting will also be replaced during the work, which is due for completion in early 2014.
Measures we install will ensure that in the event of a blaze, the transfer of smoke and fire will be contained in certain areas for longer periods, allowing more time for either evacuation or fire fighting, therefore saving lives.

The care homes will remain occupied while our staff carry out work in the bedrooms, corridors and living areas, with the nursing staff going about their normal duties.
Phil Stanton, site supervisor, said: “Working in live environments such as care homes can present various challenges but the interests of our customers are always at the forefront of the work we do. We are taking many measures to ensure residents and staff at the care homes are entirely comfortable with the works and that minimal disruption and interference is caused.

"We have thought about everything - from the clothes we wear to the time we work. We are generally very sensitive, cautious, clean, tidy and extremely flexible while carrying out the work.

"The work cements Novus’ position as the premier specialists in maintaining and refurbishing care homes and showcases the knowledge, experience and skills of our operatives.”
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