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Mount Cook selects Novus for education eco-building
We've started work creating a new eco-building at an outward bound education centre in Derbyshire after being named the main contractor on an exciting project by Mount Cook Property Limited.

Using Derbyshire stone from local quarries, the new building will be built to accommodate 130 visitors, many of whom will be groups of young people on experiential visits to learn about sustainability and wildlife.
The building, which will be wheelchair accessible, will feature solar panels that will generate electricity and heat water, while rainwater will be channelled by the building’s design and used to flush toilets.
The site for the new centre at Middleton-by-Wirksworth is adjacent to mine and lead works that date back over 300 years. The building will be clad in Derbyshire stone, with no exposed brickwork to ensure it fits in to the surroundings seamlessly, and will include sleeping accommodation, catering facilities, and a climbing wall for young people to use.
Mount Cook sought a company with a strong background in corporate social responsibility to manage the £2.5 million contract, and our long history of community building projects was a factor in its selection as main contractor.
Colin Adams, director at Mount Cook, said: “There are a lot of ethical similarities in what we aspire to do and what Novus already does. We hope that the partnership will lead to a long working relationship that benefits us through the quality of their work, and also benefits Novus through the many links that we can provide with charities and youth projects.
“We had other tenders, but the credibility and the ethical dimension of Novus’ work made them stand out as unique, and we felt very comfortable in awarding them with the contract. We are so pleased to have found such an ideal fit.”
Building work on the new centre has already commenced, and is due to be completed in June 2016.
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