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First class service for University
We've continued to improve the efficiency of works carried out at the University of Manchester thanks to the creation of a brand-new role. 

The contract, which covers both planned and reactive maintenance for the entire campus - including historic listed buildings, high-tech science blocks and lecture theatres, as well as cafes and student accommodation - sees between 700 and 900 reactive orders alone carried out each month.
We've worked in partnership with the University since the contract began, with the recent introduction of a new on-site stores manager, a prime example of our collaboration.
The new role has revolutionised the day-to-day management of the contract and improved overall efficiency significantly. Stores manager, Steven Axon, is responsible for keeping stock at a level to meet demand, which in turn cuts down the risk of expensive over-ordering. Operatives are able to order supplies using their PDAs while they’re on site and other bespoke items can also be ordered almost instantaneously which speeds up the whole process, reducing the time spent waiting for supplies to be delivered.
As a result, the number of first-time fixes has increased by 11% to date, which not only represents a cost saving but also minimises disruption to end users. The stores manager also ensures that all materials used on both reactive and planned projects are of the highest quality and provide value for money.
Duncan Turner, maintenance services manager at the University of Manchester, said: “The long-term relationship the University has with Novus strengthens year-on-year. Our expectations are consistently exceeded by the Novus team and they assure us that the University’s facilities are in capable hands. The new stores manager has had a big impact on the service of day-to-day maintenance, which makes response much quicker while also helping to reduce our environmental impact by removing the risk of over-ordering and preventing frequent deliveries to site.”
Paul Fox, contracts manager at Novus, added: “Establishing the role has been very beneficial for the client and for our own team too. We’re able to save time thanks to materials being sourced by the manager to the exact specifications required for each job, reducing the time spent cutting materials down to size on site.”
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