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Ending 2015 on a high
During the fourth quarter of 2015, 129 health and safety audits were completed with an average score 95.2% - an excellent result.  
Our best painting project was judged to be the Armstrong Siddeley Building in Coventry. Site supervisor Geoff Green and contract manager Simon Brown will receive £150 in recognition of their excellent work on this project.
The Premier Inn Cambuslang in Glasgow project was deemed to be our best non-painting project. Site manager Andrew Barrans and contract manager Robert McGuigan will receive £150 to recognise their hard work and dedication during this project.
Well done to too to our Whitbread, Plymouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Southampton, Romford and Derby teams who all greatly improved their performance in the period.
Our best performing office was Stoke-on-Trent with an average score of 100%.  Well done to Mark Johnson and all the team!
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