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Clean bill of health for hospital after Novus refurb /

Clean bill of health for hospital after Novus refurb
We've completed an extensive refurbishment at the fertility unit within the busy Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

The unit, which has been providing care to couples and individuals experiencing fertility problems for over 30 years, needed to be brought back into use swiftly so that it could resume providing care for those needing fertility treatment as soon as possible.
The project took place over a demanding four-week period and involved the full refurbishment of 14 rooms and the relocation of the unit’s main reception area which was also enlarged, all while the unit remained in use. The team installed new air conditioning units, a suspended ceiling and new lighting, as well as general electric and data cabling. They also plastered the walls, created new wall partitioning and laid flooring, before redecorating and completing the project with soft furniture.
The new waiting area in reception, which was a key part of the project, now provides a quiet place in which patients can sit comfortably and wait during what can be an incredibly difficult and emotional time.
As with any project involving work in a sensitive live environment, efficient project planning was essential to ensure any disruption was kept to an absolute minimum for patients and staff.
Jason Bowen, contracts manager at Novus said: “The whole Fertility Refurbishment Project was very demanding and fast-paced. We made sure we were always prepared to vacate an area as quickly as possible if it was suddenly required. I’m really proud of the team who all worked hard to ensure every task was completed on time and to a high standard, with as little disruption to the hospital staff and patients as possible.”
We've worked with Birmingham Women’s Hospital for the last two years and during that time we've competed numerous projects including improvements to staff facilities, bathroom refurbishments and the installation of a wet room specifically designed for Wudu - the practice of cleansing before prayer.
‎Warren Hubbard, head of estates and facilities at Birmingham Women’s Hospital commented: “We’ve built up a fantastic working relationship with Novus over the last few years. The team are great and fully understand how to work around patients, as well as staff and visitors, in a sensitive manner, which is vital to ensure each project runs smoothly so that the hospital can carry on functioning as normal throughout.”
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