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Who We Are /

Our family /

  • Mr John Seddon
    Non - Executive Director
    John started work in the family business in 1952 as an apprentice bricklayer. He progressed through the ranks and became Seddon Group Ltd Chairman in 1978, he retired as Chairman after 28 years and since then has been a Non-Executive Director of the family company.
  • Stuart Seddon
    Non - Executive Chairman
    Stuart Seddon joined the family business in 1978 as an apprentice bricklayer. He progressed and became a Director of Seddon (Stoke) in the late 1980s, the company that is now known as Novus after the partition of the Seddon Group. Stuart's key role is to build and maintain a sustainable long term business.
  • Helen Oakey
    Helen is a Chartered Surveyor and joined the family business in 1986. As CEO of SHS Estates, she is responsible for the SHS Estates portfolio and supports Novus in property matters.
  • Susan Nuttall
    Susan is a Director of our parent company. She is involved with our corporate governance and our next generation programme. She is a keen member of The Institute for Family Business.
  • Sophie Seddon
    Head of Client Engagement and Communication
    Sophie started as the Marketing Assistant. After graduating in Business Management she has worked her way through the business. Sophie was an instrumental part of the Seddon to Novus rebrand from which she won young marketer of the year with the Construction Marketing Awards. Sophie is now Head of Client Engagement and Communication.

Our board /

  • Alan Nixon
    Chief Executive Officer
    Alan started at Novus in 1987 as a Trainee Estimator. Alan has responsibility for all win business and risk management functions within Novus, which includes Estimating, Bid, Health and Safety, Marketing, QA and Environmental and Social Value.
  • Lee Hartley
    Lee started his career at Novus in 1996 as a Trainee Quantity Surveyor. Lee has Board responsibility for the North and West operations, including financial performance, management structures, reporting lines, operational performance, people development and delivering the agreed messages from the Board. Lee is also responsible for IT systems.
  • Neil Washington
    Neil started at Novus in 2004 as Financial Controller. Neil's role is the Director and Company Secretary. He is responsible for all finance and security functions within Novus including Accounts, People Services, Commercial Audit, IT Infrastructure and IT Security.

Our Values /

The Novus Way /

Our company values are the guiding principles for the way we need to behave and how we work together to create a stronger and more successful business.

Be Responsible

  • A responsible attitude is very much part of the NOVUS DNA, we should all make a positive contribution and help to improve people’s lives to achieve a long term sustainable future.

Get it Right

  • Everybody should understand how their contribution plays a part in NOVUS’ success and take responsibility for their own performance. Striving to achieve realistic solutions that are fit for purpose, aligned to best practice and support future development.


  • In addition to our duty of care to each other, we have a real commitment to the value of developing people and building successful relationships. We believe that everybody should demonstrate a focus on personal and professional growth to drive success.

Embrace Change

  • We operate in an ever-changing marketplace and to stay ahead of the competition we need to have a finger on the pulse, anticipate changes and have a relentless desire to respond quickly, so as to improve.

Work Together

  • Working cooperatively and enthusiastically within a team, supporting and encouraging others and making a full personal contribution. Understanding that working together as one team gives us the strength to achieve greater success than each team member operating independently.

Be Authentic

  • Being authentic is all about doing what you say you are going to do and being true to yourself. Authentic people are self-aware, focus on their own development and use past experiences to shape their actions. They stay grounded, build a support team, and practice their values and principles. Respect and loyalty are gained through authenticity.

Our Mission /

OUR MISSION is to empower our people to fulfil their potential, provide safe places of work and to deliver outstanding quality through a trained and sustainable workforce.

Our Vision /

OUR VISION is to be recognised as a highly reputable building and maintenance provider, developing our legacy of financial security, compassion, and pride in what we do, whilst looking after the interests of our employees, customers and communities.