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Work Placements with Thistley Hough

23rd Jun 2015
Work Placements with Thistley Hough /
Work Placements with Thistley Hough
The photo highlights the work experience programme in full flow ! What all four people in the photo have in common is that they have all come from Thistley Hough Academy in Stoke (who are Novus' BITC business class partner). Liam Hebblethw Aite is a trainee QS at Novus, Nathan is on paid work experience (invited back after a successful work experience last year) and Brandon and Jawwad are with Novus for the week as part of Thistley's work experience week this year! Liam commented; "Work experience gives the students an insight of what life is like outside of school ." Jawwad also commented "It gives students an idea of what its like to work for an employer and be in an office environment."

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