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Forming exciting, long-term relationships and individual development opportunities for all our employees. 

To have a safe and engaging work environment, led by responsible management, where people can develop, improve and excel.

Action Areas:

  • Give our employees training and development.
  • Maintain and promote health, safety and welfare within the workplace
  • Be an employer of choice 
  • Promote equality and diversity within our workplaces.

26th Mar 2018
Novus employees playing their part delivering our Skills4Life Campaign
In 2017 we launched our Skills for Life charitable programme with the aim of improving thousands of lives.
7th Dec 2017
Novus refurbishing a Homeless Centre
Novus employees support community projects and make charitable donations across the UK, and this support is directed to support our clients and impact on the communities we are working in. The Novus supply chain play a key role in all of these activities, all of Novus’ supply chain from; suppliers to sub-contractors commit to playing their part in supporting Novus’ social value activities. One example of this was through the refurbishment of a Homeless Centre in Stoke on Trent, called the Macari Homeless Centre.
17th Dec 2015
Salvation Army Housing Association. Improving lives through customer engagement
This year the Novus Excellence Awards highlighted some of the most inspiring of our Changing Lives projects, which have taken place throughout the year. The aim of these Changing Lives Awards was to acknowledge and highlight some of the most
23rd Jun 2015
Work Placements with Thistley Hough
The photo highlights the work experience programme in full flow ! What all four people in the photo have in common is that they have all come from Thistley Hough Academy in Stoke (who are Novus' BITC business class partner). Liam Hebblethw Aite is a trainee QS at Novus, Nathan is on paid work experience (invited back after a successful work experience last year) and Brandon and Jawwad are with Novus for the week as part of Thistley's work experience week this year!
24th Sep 2014
Continued success for Novus Scholarship Programme
Due to the success of our Scholarship Programme we are extending the Programme. the trainees have been mentored by our MDs and have been working through a structured training and development plan.
12th Sep 2014
Novus Health and Safety committee sign pledge
At a recent Health and Safety committee meeting all members signed a terms of reference agreeing to promote excellence in safety within the region they represent. As a business our record in safety is good, but we must continue to raise awareness and develop our working practices.
12th Sep 2014
Novus Health and Safety Audits achieving 95%
At any one time Novus can have hundreds of live sites across the country. Our Health and Safety team carry out on average 60 Site Audits a month to monitor standards and raise standards where required. Novus Board members are also attending audits across the country and recently attended audits in Stoke, Manchester and Wrexham. So far In 2014 our audit scores are averaging 95%, this is up 3% on our 2013 results, which is a great achievement, especially when taken into account that each year we make the scoring tougher.
14th Jul 2014
Jordan join's Novus on Work Experience
Jordan is working at our head office in Stoke for the week he will be working in different departments throughout the week so that he can gain a wider scale of knowledge within the business environment. He studies the following at Blythe Bridge Sixth form; Dance, Business studies, IT and Psychology. Jordan knows Novus well as his brother Ben Hewitt works in our accounts department.
24th Mar 2014
Novus Employees helping improve our business through our Employee Survey
At Novus we hold an employee survey to take the pulse of where we currently stand with our employees and help identify what we can do to improve these relationships. To help us gain a true reflection of employee feedback we need as many responses as possible, and to thank the employees who do take the time to fill in the survey we enter them into a prize draw. It is simple! An employee completes a survey and they will be entered into the prize draw to win an iPod and £100 to donation to a charity of their choice!
24th Sep 2013
Novus Bangor support the National Target Zero Health and Safety Campaign
At Novus Bangor office they continually strive to improve health and safety on site and the Target Zero campaign aims to draw attention to this by highlighting good safety performance and improved standards and knowledge.
4th Sep 2013
Novus Target Zero Health & Safety campaign
At Novus we continually strive to improve health and safety in the workplace and the Target Zero campaign aims to draw attention to this by highlighting good safety performance  and improved standards and knowledge. In this quarter 28 sites
21st Aug 2013
Novus is accredited by Investors In People
The Investors in People (IIP) Standard is the recognised benchmark for quality employers and the accreditation is key evidence of our commitment to being an employer of choice. IIP is a nationally recognised standard that helps
16th Aug 2013
Novus Employee Committee meet to discuss new ideas
Novus have set up an employee committee to act as a forum for employee ideas and feedback. The committee is chaired by Mike Philo, Human Resources Manager and has a representative from each of the Novus Region's across the country. The aim
25th Jul 2013
Novus Apprentice Selection Week Challenge
For one of days of the Novus Apprentice selection week in Stoke, all 30 Trainees who have the chance to gain employment with Novus as an Apprentice will be taking part in a community project challenge. This initiative will be in the format of the

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