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Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015

30th Apr 2015
Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015 /
Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015

Novus won the Santander Responsible Small Business Award in 2014, and as a result achieved 'Big Tick' Acceditation. In acknowledgement of Novus' continued impact through our corporate social respionsibility programme we  have been Reaccredited for 2015. Below highlights a summary of the key focus areas Novus' CSR Programme has impacted upon;

Novus is one of the largest family-owned property services companies in the UK, specialising in the delivery of painting, maintenance and refurbishment services for public and private sector organisations. It seeks to minimise the negative impacts of its operations by approaching business in a responsible way, while remaining profitable and competitive.

The company’s Sustainable Programme is a five-year plan comprising 16 actions within four key focus areas: marketplace, workplace, environment and community. Each action has a target and, with two years to go until the end of the plan, most targets are being met or exceeded.

Highlights include investing resources worth 10% of net profit into a sustainable supply chain and raising standards across the entire supply chain by launching the Novus Supply Pledge Accreditation. Through this, the company is identifying local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which it can support, boosting the local economy in areas where it works.

To reduce its environmental impact, Novus is diverting 97% of waste from landfill and reducing carbon emissions in line with guidelines set by the Carbon Trust. It supports good employment practices – all employees have received health and safety training and 11% of the workforce is made up of apprentices and trainees.

Novus has also raised more than £80,000 for good causes and contributes to community projects, such as refurbishing community centres, as well as hosting work experience placements for unemployed people.

From a business perspective, the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility helps it to secure repeat contracts – which account for 70% of its business. Its annual customer satisfaction survey showed that clients were aware of the added value provided by the Sustainable Programme. It has also helped Novus win substantial new business from clients who only work with companies which share their values. At least half of the company’s PR is linked to its sustainability agenda and operations managers have reported improved staff motivation. This is supported by an employee survey, in which 100% of employees said Novus was a good company to work for.

“A responsible attitude is very much part of the Novus DNA. We are a family business and have always upheld traditional values in our dealings with our workforce, our customers, our suppliers and the wider world. We are proud to support the communities within which we work and working with local charities, community organisations and community volunteers we aim to play our part in improving people’s lives and improving communities.”

Stuart Seddon, Chairman, Novus Property Solutions


Judge's comment

“Novus Property Solutions is an inspiring example of a business that has successfully reinvented itself and enthusiastically integrated responsible business practises with real impact.”

Marcelino Castrillo, Managing Director, SME Banking, Santander UK

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