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Deliver to both public and private sectors, painting, building and maintenance services that are sustainable and customer focused. 
Liaise and engage with customers and suppliers and ethically deliver continuous improvements though best practice.
Action Areas:
  • Best practice and innovation.
  • Modern methods of delivery.
  • Ethical sourcing and procurement.
  • Individual tailored approach.
  • Understand customer and supplier requirements.
  • Engage and support local economies.
30th Apr 2015
Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner, Reaccredited 2015
Novus as the Santander Responsible Small Business Award 2014, Big Tick, Winner have been Reaccredited for 2015.
30th Apr 2015
Novus Property Solutions re-accredited Responsible Business Award
Maintenance and refurbishment specialist Novus has been recognised for our contributions to social and environmental issues within the community by the Prince's Charity, Business in the Community. Having been named Santander Responsible Small Business of the Year in 2014, Novus has endured continued success by being re-accredited by Business in the Community thanks to its continued impact championing responsible business in the UK over the past 12 months.

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