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Novus Transport Acting on CO2

21st Aug 2013
Novus Transport Acting on CO2 /
Novus Transport Acting on CO2
Novus have over 300 vans and 200 cars in the company’s fleet and the fleet continues to expand as Novus win more and more new business. In terms of the UK picture - transport already accounts for more than a quarter of the UK’s Carbon Dioxide Emissions, so it is important we play our part in reducing Carbon Emissions. The biggest issue for our Transport Department at present is fuel usage, therefore we are aiming to decrease Carbon Emissions through trying to improve the Miles Per Gallon (MPG) for all company vehicles.
The Novus Transport Department this year have helped dramatically reduce the company’s CO2 levels and this has been achieved through the introduction of a more environmentally friendly vehicle fleet. Results have shown that the new Ford Eco Transits are 10% more efficient on emissions and 2% more efficient on fuel usage than previous Ford models.
Steve Lucas the Novus transport manager commented; “A green approach to transport is good for the environment as it reduces our carbon emissions as a company, this year the Transport Department has continued in our aim of reducing our overall fleet carbon emissions through introducing more efficient vehicles, promoting car sharing, and holding a driver awareness course. We are always looking for new ideas on how we can be more environmentally friendly."

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