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Minimise the negative impact of our business activities and help to create a positive and sustainable environment.

Manage all our processes and activities in a way that will eliminate or significantly reduce any negative impact on the environment.

Action Areas:
  • Carbon Management and reduction.
  • Waste reduction and recycling.
  • Procurement of recycled and sustainably sourced materials.
  • Reduce usage of natural resources.
23rd Mar 2018
Metal Recycling at The Donna Louise
  Whilst working on the new expansion at The Donna Louise Trust, Novus Build team unearthed a huge amount of old, unused metal from the ground. Novus have pledged to raise £10,000 for The Donna Louise over the next year. With this goal
13th Mar 2018
Bromford Skip Day event
Novus Property Solutions have been working with Bromford Housing for over ten years completing roofing and cycical works in the local areas surrounding burton. Bromford appoached Novus to help get involved in a local Skip Day event they were
7th Dec 2017
Novus support Powys County Council with Community Clean Up
Novus Wrexham have been working on the Oldfield Estate in Welshpool carrying out communal refurbishment works for Powys County Council. Our client informed us of an ‘Action Day’ they were holding on the estate, which had been put in place to encourage residents to take pride in their local area by providing practical help to clear up the community.
11th Dec 2014
Novus employees in Newcastle go green on Anchor Trust scheme
Novus Property Solutions are working across the North East in partnership with the Anchor Trust on a internal redecoration programme worth £180,000. Anchor provide housing and care for older people and while working on one of the schemes a resident asked the Novus employee if we could help with funding some trees.
24th Sep 2014
Novus update on reducing our carbon footprint
Novus have made a commitment to reduce our energy carbon footprint by 1% per annum and in 2013, we reduced our footprint by 1.01%, to 365.1 tonnes of CO2.
18th Oct 2013
Novus Birmingham lead the way on recycling
Novus Contract sites across the Midlands are achieving over 95% waste diverted from landfill. One example of this is a site in Warwickshire where all the plastic gutting ​is being recycled in partnership with a local recycling company.
24th Sep 2013
Novus Bangor Contracts committed to recycling Paint
Novus Bangor Office are committed to recycling their waste paint from site. To help with this the Bangor office have set us a paint storage bay in their office stores. The office then donate any unused paint to local community projects.
4th Sep 2013
Novus Environmental Performance running at 97% Recycling
Novus area office waste management performance has resulted in an overall company diversion from landfill rate running at 97%, 4% over our 5 year plan predicted target. So far this year over 3,000 tonnes of waste have been diverted from
21st Aug 2013
Novus Transport Acting on CO2
Novus have over 300 vans and 200 cars in the company’s fleet and the fleet continues to expand as Novus win more and more new business. In terms of the UK picture - transport already accounts for more than a quarter of the
21st Aug 2013
Novus Wrexham Recycle Paint and Paint Tins
Novus Wrexham have been recycling their half empty tins of paint and doing their bit for the environment. The office are recycling their paint and tins by donating any re-useable paint to local community and charity
25th Jul 2013
Novus Property Solutions delivering on WRAP Commitment to Reduce Waste to Landfill
Novus are committed to the Waste Reduction Action Programme (WRAP) which is a voluntary programme that organisations can sign up to highlighting their commitment to reducing waste to landfill. This initiative is very well recognised within

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