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14th Jul 2014
Novus help bring a school garden back to life at Thistley Hough Academy /
Novus help bring a school garden back to life at Thistley Hough Academy
Novus partnership project with Thistley Hough Academy has begun today, the students of the academy where firstly split up into house groups ranging from year groups with a minimum of 3 in a group with the maximum being 4. Their task was to develop the built up plots, with the assist from the teachers as well as the money invested by Novus. With the money the academy were able to purchase multiple plants so the students were able to get an understanding of “hands on” work. The students all had up to 2 hours to create an idea which represented their house.
(Minterm - Mix and match theme, Dolton - Japanese theme, Spode - Colourful array theme and Wedgewood - Blue and white)
The winner of the competition would receive a reward of 200 house points. Once the activity was complete the students all looked very happy to be able to have the opportunity to get “hands on” experience. Jamie Milington said “I have enjoyed the day because I was able to work as a team.” Another student Neo Amison added “I have enjoyed the different experience and have found it fun.”
Additionally the plant beds later got given a bespoke plank for separate houses with their names all engraved with pottery. The students had a group photo with their creations and they were joined by Kevin Rhone (CSR Manger) and Stuart Seddon (Chairman) from Novus Property Solutions. Mrs Ambros one of the teachers at the academy said “It’s a great project due to the fact that students are able to join different year groups, and do practical activities together”.
Note: This write up was produced by Jordan Hewitt while on work experience at Novus.

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