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Novus employees recycle scrap for charity

30th Sep 2013
Novus employees recycle scrap for charity /
Novus employees recycle scrap for charity
The Novus team working on the Premier Inn hotel room refurbishment contract have started selling the scrap metal from the bathrooms of the hotels they are working in to raise money for charity. Each room refurbished might only make a few pounds from recycling scrap, but with a national refurbishment programme this all adds up and could raise hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Employees working on the contract were asked what charity they would like the money to be donated towards and after a vote it was decided to donate money raised to local charities in each refurbishment area. To date charities such as The Cancer Charities - Christies and Macmillan and Great Ormond Street Hospital have received donations.

John McMonigle the Novus Operations Manager for this contract commented; "This initiative is not only good for the environment as it involved recycling waste from each site, it is also great to be raising money for charity. All our employees get involved on site and play their part and we all feel very proud at the end of a refurbishment project when we donate the raised money to a good cause."

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