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Corporate Social
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We believe that to be truly socially responsible within an ever changing corporate world, strong community values need to be woven into the very core of a business. This is certainly the case for Novus Property Solutions.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) affects everyone. From the thousands of people our projects support each year - to the dedicated teams that represent us in 30 locations throughout the UK - our commitment to adopting ethical practices is a crucial aspect of our company’s overall ethos.

How we ensure sustainability

One of the most important steps we have taken is to become a member of Business in the Community (BITC) - an organisation whose purpose is to mobilise business for good, and to provide a clear framework to help improve performance and benefit society in four specific areas. These are:
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Workplace
  • Marketplace
In 2012, we reduced our carbon emissions by 1%, and achieved 95% recycling rate.  We invested £117,000 in 174 sustainable projects and supported 105 community volunteer projects. These achievements typify our ongoing commitment to CSR.

As a member of BITC we are committed to introducing more responsible practices in all of these areas. This involves our whole company, from the boardroom to apprentices. It is all about enhancing relationships with our customers, suppliers and the wider world that we all come into contact with. In our day-to-day work, we can all make a difference by following the guidelines and aiming for the goals identified in our CSR strategy.
Through this strategy, we continue to introduce new initiatives, forums for debate, ways of monitoring progress and reporting back, and setting targets to help us measure progress.
We have always been conscious of our responsibilities, and were one of the first companies within our market sector to commit to this campaign. We see it as a key factor in achieving our goals of being a leader and innovator in corporate social responsibility.
You can read more about our ‘Changing Lives’ programme here

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