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  • NHS West Suffolk Hospital
  • NHS West Suffolk Hospital
  • NHS West Suffolk Hospital
  • NHS West Suffolk Hospital
  • NHS West Suffolk Hospital

Value: £20,000
Duration: 2 weeks 
Works Description: Refurbishment to create physio centre and upgrade to offices.
Novus have created a brand new physiotherapy centre at West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds as part of a £20,000 programme of works.
The ground floor of the Maple House office complex has been transformed into a hygienic, air-conditioned space for physiotherapy treatments, while the building's first floor offices have also been upgraded.
Non-touch water heaters and new hand basins have been installed at the building, boxed in and covered in hygienic cladding to ensure the facility meets the hospital’s health and safety standards.
Our operatives also installed new window blinds on both floors as well as solar film on all south facing windows to reduce the build-up of heat inside the building, and air conditioning units were also serviced and given full electrical checks and certificates.
The building's security has been improved following the installation of new window restrictors on all first floor openings, and new fire alarm beacons – with light beacons for hard-of-hearing patients - were included in the works.
Exterior works at Maple House included the installation of a new bin store and three bicycle stores, as well as repainting of the building's gutters and drainpipes.
Rick Talman, contracts manager at Novus Property Solutions, said: "West Suffolk hospital is a long-standing Novus client and we are very pleased to have been able to meet the hospital's need for a new physiotherapy centre.
"We will also be responsible for the maintenance of the new building, and we are confident that the facility is properly equipped to meet the needs of patients and staff, and it has been built to the hospital's strict health and safety standards."
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