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We’ve enjoyed a long and successful relationship with this eminent university, providing maintenance and redecoration not only to many of its departments, but also to student accommodation within various campuses.
We are very experienced in working with universities, so we know the importance of being able to deliver our services in line with Edinburgh’s policies and procedures – working collaboratively with their Estate Department to make sure we always comply with all the relevant site rules and permissions. In doing so, we have been able to develop a flexible completion schedule which maximises productivity, but minimises any impact on staff or students.
We are also very aware of the need to control costs. So we work collaboratively with other contractors to ensure we deliver key targets. It’s a working methodology which is proven to reduce costs. For example, using one shared external scaffolding to allow all contractors to carry out window replacements, redecoration and roofing repairs.
Given that many of the university’s buildings have listed status, one of the significant advantages we’ve brought to this contract is our specialised experience on heritage projects. In collaboration with our suppliers we are able to use materials that meet the original specifications, but also comply with current regulations, e.g replacing lead base paint with an acceptable alternative.
We are conserving the best of the past, using innovative solutions that look to the future.
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