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The partnership we have with Staffordshire County Council is typical of the successful relationships we have long enjoyed in the local government sector.
Our involvement with them has been diverse – ranging from contracts that have seen us deliver £3,000,000 of schools improvements in a six week summer holiday period, to the sensitive restoration of Stafford’s historic Council House. All of which we were able to provide through our breadth and depth of experience – backed up by a highly skilled and trained workforce, under the direction of professional management.
We have always adopted a collaborative approach to respond to the challenges that local government faces, especially in recent years. We understand their need to obtain value for money whilst at the same time expecting the highest standards of quality.
Then, there are all the other issues that form an important part of today’s agenda, such as a commitment to environmental issues, sustainability, local employment and community involvement.
In a constantly evolving world where there are always new directives and pressures on budgets, our relationship with Staffordshire County Council has not only stood the test of time but has exceeded all expectations.
So we’re pleased to say that thanks to this successful record, our partnership has been extended to its maximum possible duration.
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