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Our unique partnership contract with Solon South West Housing has seen us integrate ourselves into the client’s team, bringing a host of benefits.

Our work for Solon includes: Dealing with 200 reactive maintenance requests each month, Carrying out cyclical decorative work, Installing kitchens across Solon’s 1200 properties.

Our Contracts Manager Ricky Swift works from Solon’s Bristol-based offices three days a week. He takes calls, visits tenants’ homes, assesses work requests and offers logistical guidance on maintenance.

Our presence in the client’s office means we can offer technical advice about resident’s requests for repairs, so the repair can be identified correctly.

This improves our ability to fix the problem immediately, which boosts resident satisfaction and makes us more efficient, the commercial gains of which are shared with our client.

Our client benefits from this partnership because:
We can respond immediately to urgent reactive maintenance requests,
We can identify potential challenges and risks in advance,
We hold strategic quarterly meetings to discuss where we are today,
We assist with stock condition surveys and offer expert advice,
We have a mutual understanding of needs and capabilities,
We have a strong point of communication and a trusting relationship,
We can make decisions quickly and confidently,
We provide a face-to-face service for Solon and its customers,
We have achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rating,
We give Solon access to our systems to help them direct work locally.

Ricky said: “My presence in the Solon office has many benefits for all parties. The partnership contract offers a slicker service, and therefore benefits Novus, Solon, and residents. I can carry out my work more efficiently and provide a face-to-face service. I sit next to Solon’s workers in the office, so it’s much easier for us to communicate.

“Residents benefit because I can deal with their requests more efficiently, so if for example a storage heater breaks, I can visit them with a Solon manager and solve the problem there and then. The partnership also means residents are more familiar with the Novus name, which is reassuring when operatives visit their homes.”

Sarah Wilde, Head of Asset Management at Solon, said: “In a true partnership, it should be difficult to identify the client from the contractor and that’s exactly the situation here at Solon - Ricky sits with our team and works alongside us to deliver the service to our residents.

“With co-location, issues that arise on a daily basis can be discussed and resolved immediately and we can be sure that through Ricky, the operatives are absolutely clear about what is expected of them. We see them as ‘our team’. It’s the closest thing to having our own Direct Labour Organisation…without actually having our own!”
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