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Contract Value: £2 million per year
Duration: From 2011 (plus possible five year extension)
Location: Midlands
Project Description: Responsive repairs and void maintenance
Our dedicated team provides round-the-clock responsive repairs and maintenance across 4,000 properties managed by housing association Riverside. The team operates across Leicester, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Derby, Northampton and Nottingham and also carries out work at a PFI Housing Scheme in conjunction with Derby City Council as well as on ‘supported’ and ‘sheltered’ properties across the Midlands. More than 1,000 jobs are completed each month by our team on a responsive basis while about 40 void properties are worked on during the same time frame and our ‘completed within target’ KPI is currently 99.07%.
As part of our partnership with Riverside, we carry out ‘Property MOTs’ where we attend to any repairs which may not have been identified by the tenant, ‘Batching Days’ where we complete all repairs for a particular scheme during one visit and offer back-to-back lettings to return a property the same day.
The contract is on a ‘price per property’ framework which means Riverside has a known spend for the year, aiding the non-profit organisation’s budget control and proving real value for money. In partnership, we work with the housing provider to ensure we are efficient in every area, which results in improved stability throughout the contract. The responsive element of the work is carried out by a highly skilled workforce, 95% of who are directly employed by us, meaning we’re able to deploy the same tradesman to certain properties, such as sheltered accommodation for vulnerable women, to provide a sense of comfort for Riverside’s customers. As part of our work as a responsible business, we make a donation to the Riverside Festival each year and hold a competition for residents which sees one of their gardens made over by our team. We also offer two apprentice placements to develop the skills of people in and around Riverside’s areas.
Phil Davison, property services manager at Riverside, said: “Our partnership with Novus has been great for Riverside communities, and not just from a service point of view, but by creating employment opportunities for our tenant
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