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With a high-tech UK facility based in Cheshire, QUINN Glass is a leading manufacturer of glass containers for the food and beverage industry.
The company were very conscious that their large complex had a negative visual impact on the surrounding environment and asked Novus Property Solutions to help them solve the problem.
Working closely with Johnson Paints we were able to arrive at a specification and colour scheme that has made what was once an eyesore into a complementary feature that blends more acceptably with its surroundings.

The project involved decorating 28,000 square metres of external cladding, using specialist steel and cladding paint supplied by PPG. An important part of the task was to include a distinctive projection of the QUINN Glass logo. As seen in the photograph, this was achieved by segmenting an area of the cladding into 1 metre bands and applying multi-colour gradients that included 19 different shades of green paint.
The job presented its own specific challenges. For instance, the overall height of the building was 38 metres – but we overcame this by the use of cradles. And, for added value, the whole contract was delivered without any disruption to our customer’s production or logistic activities.
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