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Value: 4.5million
Location: Stoke
Works Description: Extensive Refurbishments

The refurbishment of two industrial buildings at the Michelin Tyre plant in Stoke-on-Trent is part of a large-scale £12 million investment programme.

The project, which is designed to transform the existing warehouse into a national state-of-the-art logistics centre, has been carefully coordinated to ensure that Michelin can continue with its daily operations and supply of products to the UK market. The refurbishment of 25 dock levellers and façade alterations will bring a new lease of life to the 26-year-old building.

The works are well underway and due to complete as planned in July following an intensive sequence of activity on site with operatives from Novus working nights and weekends to meet the 32-week deadline.

A major part of the contract is to fully refurbish another building on site to provide a modern workshop and warehouse for Michelin’s truck remould production unit. The work will involve the reconfiguration of the existing delivery bays, including new insulated clad dock levellers and remodelled access routing, in order to optimise workflow.

Internal works include installing new sprinkler systems together with fire compartmentation works, automatic smoke ventilation, and energy efficient lighting, as well as creating high-quality office facilities.

Adam Williams, construction manager at Novus Property Solutions, said: “The works have been delivered through a design and build contract with a very little lead into commencement on site. This, in turn, meant that working commenced while the design was still being concluded.

“The delivery team, together with our key sub-contract trades, have worked tirelessly to maintain the programme and achieve the scheduled completion.”
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