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Project Description: Cleaning and redecoration of 8 storey car park, including entrance ramp and pedestrian staircase and walkways.
Novus undertook a project for an international parking company who are dedicated to providing quality parking solutions at strategic locations. Their focus is on making car parking a positive experience – in environments that are clean, bright, ultra safe and offer superb levels of customer service.
The multi-storey structures have architect-led exteriors and interiors, and it’s important that their stylish appearance is always maintained, with all work carried out to high standards, without any reduction in the car park’s capacity.
To meet these requirements, our team of eight operatives carried out the works in a systematic method agreed with the car park Operations Manager on a daily basis. As a result, the facility remained open throughout the project so that no revenue was lost for the client.
Some areas were decorated at night when the car park was relatively quiet. This included the entrance ramp where we also needed to employ a traffic management system to enable us to close one lane. This was essential as the height of the ramp was in excess of 5 metres, meaning we needed to use MEWPs to gain access.
The contract was awarded following a successful project at the company’s Harley Street car park in London. We have also secured a similar project at Oxford Street, giving us a total contract value in excess of £250,000.
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