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Hinchingbrooke School is a Local Authority School in Cambridgeshire, with approximately 1850 pupils aged 11-18 and 96 teaching staff.
Hinchingbrooke School was founded as Huntingdon Grammar School in 1565. Its early pupils included Oliver Cromwell and Samuel Pepys. This Grade Listed building needed external decoration, along with repairwork. The project had to be completed within term time.
The Novus Solution
Before undertaking the project, Novus undertook a large scale survey of the school, giving professional guidance to staff and governors to identify all areas for repair and decoration.
Window Care, a unique resin repair system, was used extensively throughout the site, and Novus repaired hundreds of windows.  This unique system is ideal for the repair of sliding sash windows as it brings decaying joinery back to life and prevents them being replaced.
As the system has seen specifically developed for "in-situ" repairs, it does not require the glass to be removed, making it ideal for listed buildings or period properties where window replacement would not be permitted or would be too expensive.
It can be moulded to fit each window, and put into conservation joints, providing a bespoke solution which will never split.  It also results in minimum upheaval to the interior of the property.
The school had traditional sash windows, so there were many benefits to using Window Care – it caused minimum disruption as windows did not have to be removed and replaced, and there was a significant cost saving compared with complete replacement.
All the work was completed during term time, with Novus working closely with the client to ensure that pupils were aware of work areas, and that Health and Safety regulations were adhered to.
Although the project took four months from start to finish, the Novus contract actually extends to five years, with repairs and maintenance undertaken each year.  This commitment to the project effectively means that the project is guaranteed for five years.
Since this project was completed, Novus has also undertaken interior decoration, testament to the success of the original project. 
Client Comment
"The Novus team demonstrated care and professionalism when working on the project.  The school now looks fantastic, really cared for, and this engenders respect from those who use it."
Christine Goodliff, Property Manager, Hinchingbrooke School
Key Achievements
  • All work completed in term-time
  • Windowcare product used to preserve wood 
  • Original contract extended
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