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Project Description: External redecoration to Grade 1 listed building
We have always taken great pride in our work – and our association with English Heritage in helping to protect and preserve the finest of the nation's architectural treasures.
Belsay Hall is a Grade 1 listed building. A major tourist attraction, it was built in the grounds of Belsay Castle and gardens, a site that dates back over seven centuries. It is in the Classical Greek Revival style and is renowned for its central ‘Pillar Hall’.
This hall was in need of extensive external redecoration which involved stripping the windows and doors back to bare wood and treating them prior to painting in the most appropriate way.
This is where our own heritage came into play, and we were able to draw on long experience of dealing with the very special requirements of historic buildings of this nature and importance.
The work began with the use of an environmentally-friendly stripping agent, and was then completed using a 5 coat system - starting with a wood preservative through to a solvent-borne finishing coat.
Access was limited and most of the works needed to done from ladders rather than scaffolding or mobile platforms, as we knew that no damage must be caused to the lawns or gardens.
Belsay Hall is just one of the contracts we have carried out for English Heritage. As well as respecting the past, we are also conscious of contemporary concerns. For example, all materials wastage was recycled back to the suppliers. In the course of this contract, we also had one of our apprentices on site, making sure that our own long traditions are carried forward to a new generation of skilled craftspeople.
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