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We champion sustainability at Novus

29th May 2014
We champion sustainability at Novus
At Novus, we are committed to ensuring we remain an environmentally sustainable business and that we engage in a positive way with the environments in which we work. We champion sustainability and help to address any environmental issues which arise as a course of our work. Here, our quality assurance and environmental manager Laura Miles-Brown discusses how we limit our impact on the environment.

The whole construction process has an impact on our immediate surroundings and on the wider environment through the harvesting of raw materials, construction of new buildings, and transport and manufacturing of building products.

As Novus’ environmental manager, my role is to ensure the company remains compliant with changing legislation and industry standards and to develop, implement and review environmentally-focused practices, which signifies the importance we place on managing our impact on the environment.

To help reduce our footprint, we address the main impacts of our work - in particular waste management and energy consumption. Both of these impacts are highlighted in our corporate social responsibility sustainability strategy and in 2012, we produced strategies to manage the reduction of both over a five year period. We measure the success of these strategies through key performance indicators (KPIs).

In order to fulfil our strategies, we engage in sustainable projects with our clients, which can involve improving the energy efficiency of housing stock, with the assistance of the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation initiatives. We have installed energy efficient measures for our social landlord clients, such as external wall insulation and UPVC windows, in order to reduce their overall carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

We also support clients with managing their own impacts on the environment and have introduced bespoke waste reporting strategies for some projects and contracts.

As an associate member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, I keep track of changes to environmental legislation through digital communications, bulletins, seminars and the environmentalist publication so that Novus is kept fully up to date.

In my opinion, environmental legislation will continue to evolve, as it has been doing for the last 20 years, but legislation alone will not solve the issues we face. In the future, I believe that areas including waste, building regulations, energy use and building energy performance may become more legislatively driven so as to reduce the impact that the industry has on the environment.

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