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How tablet technology brings home the benefits

22nd Oct 2013
How tablet technology brings home the benefits
Our operatives in Scotland have been using tablet computers to assist them in their daily duties. The devices help to speed up processes and ensure communication between the field and office is instantaneous. In this blog, systems manager Lee Hollins talks us through the benefits this kind of technology can bring for operatives, clients and residents.

Novus has been quick to embrace new tablet technology and digital software across its reactive maintenance operations and our staff in the field are using the devices on a daily basis, bringing a host of benefits for us, our social housing clients and our clients’ tenants.

Many of our operatives now carry tablets with them, allowing them to receive electronic, up-to-date messages informing them of where their skills are required while they are on the move.

After reactive maintenance requests from social housing tenants have been received, these are fed through to a system shared with us and our client, and then to operatives’ tablets so they can act on the requests as soon as possible.

Our staff are tracked by the system to identify their exact location and so can be sent jobs which are convenient for them to access and which will ultimately give clients a slicker service. Operatives can send the status of a job back to the helpdesk along with job details and can also complete certificates via the tablets.

The devices carry many other functions, and allow access to risk assessment forms which are built into the impactRESPONSE software we use, while operative signatures can be captured on the machines to confirm the assessment has been carried out.

Residents who have logged requests for maintenance work benefit from the use of tablets, too. Their signatures can be taken by the touchscreen technology, to confirm they are satisfied with the work. Through our system, SMS messages can be sent to residents from the devices, informing them of an appointment time and alerting them when the operative is on their way to the property.

This communication means there is a reduction in the number of missed appointments, while first time fix rates see an improvement because employees and tenants are better informed.

In August 2013, we completed 100% of one of our client’s 128 24-hour maintenance requests within the day they were reported by one of their major housing association clients’ tenants.

There has been a noticeable development in the total number of jobs completed by us in the timescale agreed with clients since the introduction of the tablets and the new software – proving that investing in this kind of equipment pays for the contractor, client and tenants.

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