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Construction News feature - a response

17th Apr 2015
Construction News feature - a response
Last week’s Construction News had an in-depth feature on how much bidding for work costs construction firms. Here, our bid manager Matt Harnett gives his take on the issue. 
The article makes some very valid points, which while almost obvious in their nature are all too frequently overlooked within the bidding arena.
The qualification of opportunities in the first instance is fundamental precursor to success. Only by obtaining a clear understanding of the project requirements and their alignment to the strategic aims of capabilities of the business are you able to provide a cost effective solution and circumnavigate any potential pitfalls.
A convergent approach between client and contractor enables both parties to derive maximum value from the procurement process with clear and transparent communication of the brief to be achieved and open negotiation of any contentious issues.  Candid two-way feedback at the conclusion of the process is also invaluable as it enables both parties to learn lessons, engenders continuous improvement and promotes a competitive landscape within the marketplace.

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