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Behind the scenes of the Novus rebrand

8th Jul 2013
Behind the scenes of the Novus rebrand
My six-week rebranding challenge began the moment my dad, and company Chairman, Stuart told me the Seddon Group was to re-organise itself and that the name Seddon Property Services was to be no more.
It was all systems go from then onward! In just 42 days, me and the MDs knuckled down, got creative, and came up with a whole rebranding concept, including a new name – Novus – and logo for the company.
First things first, me and the experts at our chosen brand agency, Pixel8, sat down and I briefed them about how I envisioned the rebrand. They then met the MDs of what was soon-to-be Novus.
After this meeting, it was time for me and the board to get our thinking caps on and brainstorm some potential names for the company.
Pixel8 went through our list of names and chose the ones they thought worked best, then the shortlist was made even shorter when me and the board chose our top three names.
The agency then went away and worked their magic, coming back with different concepts for the three ideas.
Novus was a name which I had come up with when we were making our list, so I was really pleased when it proved to be the most popular. I really liked it as the word ‘novus’ means new in the oldest language – Latin – which I thought was perfect for the rebrand!
To spread our message, me and the MDs then agreed to provide a question and answer communication pack for staff.
After staff and clients were all told about the new name, that’s when the real work started! We recruited a new PR agency – Harris Associates – and everything Seddon had to be changed to Novus.
The biggest hurdle was the strict time frames! We had very little time, very long days and many sleepless nights to get the brand up and running in such a short amount of time.
One memorable hurdle came when we were printing the communication packs – there were last minute changes that meant I was printing until 11pm to get the packs together in time for the launch!
I think I went slightly delirious at one point, but we got it done and we were still making the packs up the next day as the presentation was happening! No one knows that until now!
So now everything’s in place thanks to lots of hard work and Novus has remained as robust as ever throughout the rebranding process. We all hope and believe our new identity will lead us on to great things – here’s to the future!

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