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Our History
The story begins in 1897 - It was in the last years of the 19th century that brothers George and John Seddon took their first steps on the remarkable journey that has led to the present day success of the companies that bear their name. The two young bricklayers were equipped only with the tools of their trade and a handcart – but with an ambition and vision that took them confidently forward into a new era, and the heyday of Victorian industrial expansion.

Their passion passed down through succeeding generations – and it was the ‘family business’ ethos that provided the driving force for growth that continued through to the 20th century. Along the way there were many significant milestones as the Seddon name became synonymous with quality, together with a reputation for integrity and a willingness to quote competitively.
Naturally, as with any history, there were dark days – and the First World War hit hard, as did the turbulent social conditions that ensued. Similarly, World War II brought an aftermath of hardship. Yet the nation entered a new era of enterprise and optimism in the 1950s. The entire country underwent a massive redevelopment programme, and the skills of builders, painters and other craftsmen were eagerly sought. Seddon proved more than able to meet the need - and more and more contracts were won as the optimism of the sixties swept in.
The decade that followed was a troubled time for industry and the economy in general, and the eighties were little better. However, the family spirit – and that of its workforce - once again stood Seddon in good stead, and this was a relatively stable period.
During these changing times, there came a need to focus more closely on the distinct demands and diversity of different areas of the market - and the industry itself. Building, Painting and Maintenance all became more specialised fields that needed companies that were able to focus in a single-minded way on the particular requirements.
So, Seddon evolved, and the name began to mean different things to different people. By offering its range of services through different operating companies, the original business was able to establish itself more solidly than ever in its fields of expertise.
There were cultural changes, too, with a greater emphasis on responsibility to the workforce and the community. These were issues that had always been at the core of the Seddon philosophy: good causes were supported, workers and their families were helped in times of need, and colleagues were encouraged to come together at social events to enjoy a sense of belonging.
Another key tenet of the Seddon creed was a belief in the need to invest in its own future, and that of local communities, by offering apprenticeships to youngsters and training for the workforce at all levels.
Now, in the second decade of a new millennium, there is much to look back on with satisfaction. Through much hard work and the acquisition of other carefully chosen companies, that original small business started by the two young brothers back in 1897 has grown into the Novus Property Solutions of today; bigger, obviously, and much more diverse. But with the same ideals, and still successfully run by members of the Seddon family. With a solid past, we can look with confidence to the future.
Following a reorganisation of the ownership of the Seddon Group in 2013, Novus Property Solutions replaced the national property maintenance specialist Seddon Property Services, led by Stuart Seddon and his family. 
Novus will continue to draw on its strong heritage whilst also benefitting from the added freedom that comes with being an independent trading organisation providing a wider range of specialised property services for clients and customers.