Our History

Building on 120 year foundations - where it all began

Novus has a rich construction heritage - underpinned by family values and a strong social conscience.

Our origins date back to 1897 when brothers George and John Seddon, left the coal mines and founded their own business, equipped only with a handcart and their ambition.

In 1920 G & J Seddon became a limited company and throughout the post-war era provided much needed employment and construction expertise during a time of recovery.

With the growth of social housing in the 60s and 70s house building became a key focus for the Seddon business as their social conscience came to the fore.

Over the years the Seddon family name became synonymous with quality, integrity and a willingness to quote competitively.

Through hard work and strategic acquisition the original small business grew into Seddon Group. A much larger, diverse entity with separate divisions for construction, maintenance and plant hire.

Following the reorganisation and restructuring of the Group in 2013, the John Seddon branch restructured and rebranded to become Novus Property Solutions Limited.

G & J Seddon

Today the company operates as a totally independent trading entity but still under the ownership of the Seddon family to the same set of family values and beliefs, led by fourth generation Seddon family members.

Novus continues to draw an its strong heritage to offer a complete spectrum of construction and maintenance services to public and private sector clients across a diverse range of sectors.